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Pine Hill Renovations

Breathe New Life into Your Game: Unveiling Pine Hill’s Transformation

Step into a rejuvenated world at Pine Hill Golf Club, where every stroke tells a story of renewal and excellence. 2022 and 2023 wasn't just a new season; it was the dawn of a new era! We embarked on a transformative journey, meticulously reimagining and elevating the spaces that make your golfing experience truly shine.

The Clubhouse: Our clubhouse has been masterfully crafted with an interior that seamlessly complements the course's natural beauty, offering a haven for post-game camaraderie and relaxation.  Stop in at Chub’s Pub before and after your round!

The Pro Shop: Gear up in our revitalized pro shop. Boasting an expanded inventory of golf balls, golf gloves, hats, shirts, pullovers and hoodies it's now ready to get you out to the course. You can also warm up for the round by grabbing a basket of range balls and some snacks.


Chub’s Pub: Refuel your passion (and hunger!) at our reimagined bar and limited-service restaurant. We've infused it with a touch of contemporary flair, while retaining the welcoming charm you know and love. Expect a delicious Majestic hot dog and refreshments to keep you energized throughout your round.

Beyond the Clubhouse: Our commitment to exceptional experiences extends far beyond the clubhouse walls. Over the past two years, we have removed nearly 200 trees to improve turf quality on the tees, fairways and greens. Last season, we rebuilt two entire fairways adding beauty and testing your shot-making prowess like never before. The driving range received a well-deserved makeover, providing the perfect space to hone your swing and unleash your inner champion.

And the story doesn't end there! In summer 2023, the foundation for continued excellence was laid with the completion of a stage for outdoor entertainment. This, along with our facility for hosting outings and parties, allows us to ensure Pine Hill can be enjoyed by the non-golfing public.

The future of Pine Hill is brimming with exciting possibilities. In 2024, we will be upgrading our irrigation system, and adding additional fertilizer treatments to our fairways and rough. We're constantly striving to enhance your experience, with innovative plans unfolding on the horizon. Come, rediscover the magic of Pine Hill Golf Club. See your favorite spaces anew, feel the thrill of renewed challenges on the course, and be a part of our ongoing journey towards golfing excellence.

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